Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Blogsite

I will stop using this blogsite as i have found a different site that allows more detail that I like much better. Please continue to check in on me and my life as I leave to race in Belgium for the Fuji Test Team next week. The address is:

This link has not been working so just try typing this address into your browser instead.

I hope to see you there as it has all the anemities this blog does but more as well. I have already posted a new blog post on that site. Check it out!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Media Week

This week has flown by. It feels as though I was just writing a blog last night. It has been a hectic and stressful week. I have been finalizing all my details for my trip to Belgium such as buying my plane ticket, getting my UCI lisence, my passport finally arriving, getting a bike box (thank you Ed), getting enough Hammer Nutrition supplements for 3 months, getting new Hammer Nutrition kits (thank you Dustin), working with existing sponsors, fundraising, and training. Lots of stuff and not enough time in the day to do everything I want to. But I feel a lot better now that I have finalized all this and all I have to worry about now is the continued fundraising and training.

It has been an exciting week as far as the media goes. I got the opportunity to go on 4 morning radio shows in the past two days thanks to Bret Maverick for setting them up. Then yesterday I was suprised when KULR 8 gave me a call and came along for the ride to take some film and then a short interview afterwards. So all in all it has been a pleasent suprise to get some good media attention and will close it out before I leave with an article in the Billings Outpost here in the next week or so with a one on one interview with Jennifer Molk. Im excited to see the final product!

The departure date is only 2 weeks away and I am STOKED!!!! I will be leaving on the 28 of February at 8:10a.m and arriving in Brussels at 9:10a.m. on March 1. From there I will take a 1.5hr train ride to my new home for the next 3 months, Oostkamp, Belgium. Its about 8k from Brugges and pretty close to the coast as well. I am excited for some new scenery on my rides, and some intense racing!! Well good night yall and I will update next week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow snow snow

Hello from back in Billings, MT. So much snow but what can I expect in February in MT. However I am happy to say ever since returning from Bozeman, I have been able to get outside everyday snow or not. The training has been going well with being able to get in long rides outside. Been bundling up with 2 leg warmers, 2 bib shorts, multiple jerseys, coats, 2 gloves ,shoe covers, ect. Its been hovering about 0 degrees celcius the past couple of weeks, not much over (im trying to get used to celcius temps). I got to ride with Jeff Handlin this past weekend which was a great time as I had not seen him for a couple years. This guy used to be one of the strongest guys i knew in Montana cycling. We went out for 3hrs and he rode his fixie and still dropped me on a climb. INSANE! This guy took me to my first USAC race back in 2006 in Helena, MT. Great guy and super strong! Other than that its been pretty much the norm for me. Fundraising and riding. I got in a solid 144km yesterday but ran out of daylight which sucked as it got a little too cold for my taste. I woke up this morning to it snowing so we will see how the ride will be. I am determined to ride outside today even though its a short one of 1.5hrs.

Next Tuesday I will be getting my VO2max and lactate threshold testing done which I am stoked about as it is my first time doing that in the lab. It will be a good baseline for the start of the season so I can see how I improve over the spring and summer. O and my new Kona road bike is working great and feeling awesome. Thanks to P Dowd, Bill Cochran, and all of team GAS for this. I love it!!!! Also a big thanks to John and Lisa, and Jason and Malissa for letting me stay at their houses while in Bozeman. I really appreciate it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Training Camp Update

Buurrrr!!!! I am here in Bozeman, MT on one of my individual training camps (bootcamps) that I like to do throughout the season. Its time for me to ride by myself and get in long base miles and depending on the time of year and where I go to, decides what I will work on. I came here to Bozeman to work on my climbing and to see my team GAS//Intrinsik one last time before I make my trip to Belgium. I am coming off some intensity training and moving into getting my base miles in mixed with intensity before I leave. Its been a while since I have done base miles and I need to do a lot, as after yesterday of only 4hrs in the saddle, my legs were TIRED!!!! After walking through the door, I got something to eat and I was asleep by 7p.m. and I walked in the door at 6:15!!!!! Feeling a little better this morning after 10+hrs of sleep.

In the next couple days I will be getting my new bike, a Kona. Everything has arrived here at training camp besides the headset so that is messing everything up. I am totally stoked to get a new bike and one that fits me perfectly. I plan on staying in Bozeman through the weekend from which I will return back to Billings to do a photo shoot with Magic City Magazine and a sit down interview with them as well. From there I will have my massage at the end of the week with Lacee Tvetene. Now this has been an amazing addition to my training this year. I have began to get a massage once a week from her which has helped a great deal in my recovery I have noticed. Look her up if you want to start getting massages, she can take care of you. Her business is called Balanced Massage. Great lady.

In the last couple of days some major stress has hit me when I received my final details for racing in Belgium with the Johan Bruyneel Cycling Academy. I was already busy getting my passport put together, getting my UCI license and releases from my cycling teams here in Montana and from USA Cycling when I realized the total amount of my trip was going to be about $6000. This is no easy sum to come up with and so I have began fund raising with sending out letters to people explaining what I'm doing and how to help. Also Allegra Printing had got those wristbands going and they will be arriving next week so if you want one please let me know. They will be $5 and 100% of the proceeds go to the trip. My chriopractor, Dr. Rick Clayton has been kind enough to set up a donation site at his office in Georgia. Thank you!!!! So if your in the area, please stop by and talk with him about it and he can give you the details of what I'm doing as well. Lastly I have made a Pledgie site where you can go and read about what I am about to embark on and make a donation by simply clicking on the "Donate" button and it will go directly to my Pay Pal account which in turn will be used 100% towards my trip. Here is the link. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide me with. Thank you and have a great day. 'Click

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well for all of you following me on twitter and facebook, you know that the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with training, sponsors, resting, interviews, ect. However I am loving every minute of it and enjoying the journey. The past couple weeks have brought ups and downs in my training but on an overall view, I have gotten a lot stronger. Also I have aquired more sponsors which is great. I would like to thank all of them as they are helping me tremendously to achieve my dream.

Cardio Systems
Golden Steel and Recycling
Hammer Nutrition
Sport Legs
Allegra Printing
Knives Infinity
Surwill Insurance
Chris Cook


Also I have recently talked with the Billings Outpost Newspaper and Magic City Magazine and have done interviews with both regarding my trip. There will be an article featured in the Billings Outpost and a Q&A article in the Magic City Magazine. Both coming out within the next couple months. I will keep you posted on exact issues they will be in as I find out. I know the Magic City Magazine article will most likely be in the March issue.

In the next couple weeks, Allegra Printing will be sending me 500 silicone wristbands to help with fundraising for my trip to Belgium. They are red, white, and blue and will say: DARE TO BE UNCOMMON" on one end and "JBCA 2010" on the other to represent the Johan Bruyneel Cycling Academy, which is the team I will be racing for. The quote on it comes from my favorite quote: "Common men go knowhere, you have to be uncommon". I love it!!! Thank you Allen and Allegra for the contribution. I have not decided on a price yet but all proceeds will go straight to funding my trip. Also all people/sponosors will get a free one for donating money and/or product. So let me know if you want one and I will get it to you.

Thank you for checking in and make sure to check out the twitter feed on the right side of the blog for day to day updates.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back in Montana

First thing I have to say is that there is too much snow here. I have not seen snow in a while so to come back to this is a little scary. I got back on Christmas Eve, just in time to spend time with my mom and her side of the family. It was good to see my uncle Jerry and Papa. From there is was just hanging out with my best friend Greg some more, who also flew into Atlanta to help drive back up with me. Funny though his driving privilages were suspended after driving us into a snowy ditch bank in the middle of nowhere Kansas. It was pretty funny to watch though.

This past Monday I was finally able to start riding again after getting hit by a car in Atlanta on a training ride. It feels good to get back into it and I am getting a lot stronger but still a long way to go if I want to survive Belgium. I got to ride for my first time outside in Montana since being back yesterday and it was awesome!!! Granted the altitude got me some but I did my favorite ride going up the Lockwood hills and did tempo repeats on them. On the side though off the bike, I have been working on some promising deals and and happy to announce two new personal sponsors in Hammer Nutrition and Sport Legs. I have had a 3 year relationship with Hammer Nutrition with them being a title sponsor for one year and a secondary sponsor for another of the Montana Junior Cycling Foundation who I have raced for the past twe seasons. I have been very pleased with their products and am very excited to take it to a more personal level with them. Secondly, Sport Legs is a new sponsor to me but not a new product. I have used Sport Legs to win all three of my Montana State titles and used it in college. I firmly believe in Sport Legs and refer to it as "legal doping" to my teamates. After visiting with Carl, the owner, I am very excited about this new relationship and believe that with the help from him and Sport Legs, they will help me reach my ultimate dream of becoming a professional cyclist. Lastly, me and Amber Keener are working on a special project that I hope will be very successful in the coming season. So look for this coming out towards the end of April.

This morning I had a 20min LT test and will be having lunch with my friend and 7th grade English teacher, Tracy Ellitson. From there I head up to Bozeman to spend the New Years with my team, GAS/Intrinsik, then will be coming right back tomorrow morning for more training. Busy schedule but I will update next week. Until then follow my progress on Twitter as I give the inside look at what it takes to prepare to race in Europe.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas with Dr. Clayton and Family

I am in North Georgia currently with my new chiropractor, Dr. Clayton and his family. It started off when I was on a training ride in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday and I was hit by a car from behind. The driver drove off and left me in the ditch with a messed up back and unconsious. I spent the following days in the hospital where I was diagnosed with a compressed disc and my fifth concussion. The nuerologist advised me to stop racing due to the amount of damage done to my brain with the number of concussions I have sustained. But anyone who knows me knows that I would rather die doing something I love than to get messed up just doing ordinary day to day type stuff. So I am on five days of rest until I can begin training again.

This is where Dr. Clayton came in and I had only known him through twitter when he offered to give me and adjustment to help with recovery from the crash. Things led to another and he offered for me to come to his family Christmas get together for the weekend. It has been an amazing experience from getting my first adjustment done to meeting his family and having a great weekend. Great people here and some great new friends made. So I now have a new chiropractor and a PR manager in his wife, Carla Clayton. One of the things we created was a fan page for my brand management through Facebook. So please check it out when you get a chance. Click here to check it out:

I am heading to go pick up my best friend Greg from the Atlanta airport and we will start our drive back to Montana on Tuesday, arriving on Christmas Eve. Hope to see yall back in MT soon!